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Davonte Sanford Shot 1 Year After Release from Prison

Davonte Sanford Shot?.png

Just 1 year out of prison and tragically Davonte Sanford was rushed to a Local Hospital after suffering a severe Gunshot Wound to the Leg.

Davonte Sanford, who was held around 9 years in prison until being exonerated seems to have been on the receiving end of a Gunshot Sep 23, 2017.

Police heard reports of Gunshots in George Washington apps, Det. A female witness stated she saw the victim running away from the apartments after the gunshots.

Davonte was not immediately named as the victim, but while details are still limited, we now know Davonte did indeed suffer a gunshot wound to the leg. 

The gunshot wound was not fatal, but shook Davonte and his family. 

"My mind is in a thousand places, Thank you for you're prayers!!!" Sanford's mother Taminko Sanford-Timon declared on social media. 

Send your prayers to Davonte and his family, they need them.