Law Offices of Jerry Berry

Harley Brook

Harley Brook comes to the Law Offices of Jerry Berry with 16 years of criminal law experience both as a prosecutor and defense attorney.  As a prosecutor, Harley rose to become the head of the Glades County office where he prosecuted all types cases in that county including serious felonies such as drug sales charges, sexual offenses and even a murder case.  As a prosecutor he tried many and won several cases involving domestic violence, DUIs, and some serious felonies.

Harley has practiced in different counties but has been a fixture in Southwest Florida for almost all his legal career.



As a criminal defense attorney for the last 13 years, Harley has taken his experience as a former prosecutor and used it to the benefit of his clients in achieving numerous outstanding results for them including obtaining acquittals after trial for clients facing many years, and up to life, in prison! He is known as a vigorous advocate for his clients while still maintaining a good relationship with prosecutors, enabling him to achieve great outcomes through plea negotiations.  When a case is tried, Harley tirelessly prepares and makes sure he gives each client the best possible chance at an acquittal, which has led him to obtain many acquittals for his clients.

For approximately 2 and half years, Harley was also a Traffic Court Magistrate, having heard and ruled upon well over 1,000 cases in that time frame.

Harley began his legal career by graduating from the prestigious University of Florida Law School (J.D., 2002) where he was a member and Vice-President of the school’s trial team.  Harley won his very first competition at the Florida Bar Trial Competition in 2001, as well as being voted the best advocate at the school’s 2002 trial competition.

Harley is also a dedicated father and husband as well as an avid college football fan. He is a member of the Florida Bar, the United States Middle District, Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Lee County Bar Association, and Collier County Bar Association.