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How to Find a Qualified Drug Possession Lawyer in FL


drug possession lawyer in FL


If you’re facing a drug possession charge, whether it’s your first or your third, you’re probably upset and frightened. The first thing you need to do is learn how to find a qualified drug possession lawyer in FL who can give you your very best opportunity for freedom. Because a drug possession conviction would affect many aspects of your life, it is essential to hire the best lawyer you can afford.

We highly recommend choosing a lawyer who has extensive experience in defending drug possession cases. A lawyer with experience in another area may be able to defend you, but they likely won’t be as familiar with every potential avenue for defense as an attorney experienced in drug possession cases will be.

Be savvy if you decide to look online or check local advertisements for a defense attorney. Don’t fall for marketing slogans that guarantee success. A reputable lawyer will want to look at the details of your case before giving you even an impression of what outcome to expect. Once a lawyer has reviewed your case, he or she will give you an idea of your options, and a range of outcomes you should be expecting. Success is never guaranteed.

Check to see if the attorney you’re considering has been granted any awards. If they have, research the awards they’ve been given and determine their significance. An attorney who has been recognized for outstanding defense work is worth special consideration.

Create a list of questions to ask each attorney you interview. These questions should be relevant to the particulars of your case, but should usually include questions about fees, legal strategies, timeframes, contact information, and any alternative legal options you may have. Don’t be afraid to ask why the attorney believes he or she is the right choice for you; the answer might give you a good sense of their character and trustworthiness.

Ask about the attorney’s legal team. Who else will be working on your case? What are their rates? How much work will the lead attorney be doing, and how much will be outsourced to assistants and paralegals?  Make note of these people, and see if you can meet other key members of the team.

It's smart to choose someone who has a good reputation in the community. A lawyer who invests his or her talent and skill back into the community demonstrates compassion and a generous spirit, both of which you will appreciate when it’s your turn to appear before the judge. Your attorney will hold your future in his or her hands; you’ll feel much more at ease if you feel confident that your attorney sees you as deserving of compassion and respect. Furthermore, a local attorney will be familiar with local laws and ordinances, and will already know the police officers, judges, and prosecutors who will be working on your case.

Remember, no matter how well you understand your case, your attorney needs to be someone you trust to take the lead. Once you’ve hired your attorney, try to step back and let them take the reins. They understand more about the law than most people comprehend, which means sometimes clients want to control the direction of the case, or supervise the steps their attorney takes.

Unfortunately, if you were to attempt to do this, you would only be impeding your best and possibly only shot at winning. Do your best to be patient and allow your attorney to do his or her job. Just like with your doctor, if you can’t trust your attorney to take care of you, you might need a new attorney.

With that said, it’s imperative that you keep the lines of communication. Be honest with your attorney about all the facts of your case; he or she can only protect you from things they know about. Your attorney will keep your confidences and will only act in your best interest. Regardless of your past, you deserve to be defended.